Animal Services Division

KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division: Creating a safe and humane Kansas City by improving community services and efficiencies.

KC Pet Project is currently involved in contract discussions to provide animal control services for Kansas City.  There is currently no agreed upon time-frame by which animal control services would be transitioned to KC Pet Project.  At this time, animal control services are still the responsibility of the city of Kansas City.  KC Pet Project accepts stray pets from Kansas City, Mo, residents every day, and we have been and always will be dedicated to protecting the lives of animals in Kansas City. We look forward to the opportunity to provide best practices and progressive ideas to animal control services for Kansas City residents.

Improving Efficiency Through Combined Services 

  • Combining sheltering and field services improves efficiency, service, and quality of care
  • Animal sheltering and animal services will be combined at Kansas City Campus for Animal Care
  • Continuity and consistency in communication
  • Cross-training staff from sheltering departments
  • Case management – from submission of report through disposition

Staff Training and Leadership Credentials for Animal Services Staff

  • Formal classroom and on-the-job training
  • National Animal Control and Humane Officer Training (Attended May 2019)
  • National Conference training and Maddie’s Fund Apprenticeships
  • Post-conference training meetings with all staff
  • Annual follow-up training

A Focus on Education in our Community

  • Field Resolution and providing resources at the time like adequate shelter, food pantry information, etc.
  • Field Contact – providing licensing or microchipping in the field
  • Notices to correct instead of automatically impounding and offering solutions
  • Community events – vaccination/wellness clinics, spay/neuter clinics, humane education classes held at Kansas City Campus for Animal Care

Compliance and Enforcement

  • As the 2017 audit emphasized, current enforcement-only approach is ineffective and outdated method of animal care and control.
  • KC Pet Project’s approach is to use progressive methods of creating a safe and humane community through owner education, community outreach, and follow-up on each call for service.
  • Emphasis on reuniting pets in the field instead of impoundment
  • We favor compliance over enforcement and impoundment when only truly necessary
  • Our focus is to ensure that residents are in compliance with the code by responding to calls, issuing notices to correct or warnings, exploring solutions with pet owners to achieve compliance before disposition of a case in municipal court, impounding animals if needed, issuing citations and summons for violations, preparing detailed reports and investigative forms for the prosecution of violations, and attending court when necessary.
  • Will work alongside other animal welfare organizations to provide resources and solutions to pet owners in Kansas City


  • KC Pet Project is a data driven organization.
  • We will identify key performance measures and will issue monthly reports.
  • Transparency in our reporting will be key with statistics, stories and other notable information.
  • Licensing data will be tracked through PetData and PetPoint.
  • We will work with the media to share important information, stories and the work that KCPP Animal Services is doing to better our community.
  • Our goal is to improve customer and citizen satisfaction in this service

A New Plan for Dispatch

  • We will have highly trained staff that can help with resolutions over the phone instead of automatically sending officers out in the field.
  • Able to provide resources like social media, NextDoor, etc. as a solution to returning the pet back home.

More information to come regarding our new Animal Services Division.