Impounded Pets

Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program

We continue to experience high levels of strays and lost pets entering our shelter every day. In order to support pets being reunited with their families, we are honoring our Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program for all pets reclaimed within the first three-days (3) of impoundment.

Impounded Pets

Animals brought to KC Pet Project

Upon arrival at the shelter, each animal is vaccinated and dewormed, and any obvious medical conditions are addressed as much as possible. KC Pet Project has full-time shelter veterinarians and veterinary technicians on staff to help ensure the health and well-being of all the animals in our care, including pets that arrive as lost to our facility.

We follow a mandatory 5-day holding period for all lost animals to give owners time to find their pet. During the holding period, staff and volunteers work to locate an owner and reunite pets with their families. KC Pet Project has full-time staff devoted to following every lead available and working with owners to help address any needs for their pet in their home.

To view the lost pets currently in our care, please visit our Lost and Found Pets page for a comprehensive list, or our Get ‘Em Home Trello Board to see the animals who have arrived within the last 5 days.

Reclaiming Your Pet

If your pet is impounded at KC Pet Project on a stray hold our goal is to get animals reunited with their owners. We know that the best place for a pet is at home with the family who loves them. Here’s what to expect when you come to the shelter to reclaim:

Proof of Ownership

We ask that all owners provide proof of ownership. This could be photos of your pet, vet records, microchip information, or other identifying information. If you have questions about what can be used to prove ownership, please contact our Pet Helpline at 816-683-1383.


Please bring a valid photo ID with you when you visit KC Pet Project. If you do not have a photo ID, our Pet Support Team can work with you to get the identification we need and get your pet home.


There are fees associated with picking up your pet. We offer a Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program to help decrease fees for pets reclaimed in the first three days of their hold. If you are struggling financially, other resources may be available, though qualifications and restrictions apply.

If you are unable to reclaim your pet

While our goal is to help you resolve the problems you are experiencing so that you can keep your pet, we also understand that some problems are out of your control and may require you to relinquish or rehome your pet. If your pet is currently housed at KC Pet Project, and you are considering relinquishing them, please contact our Pet Support Team at 816-683-1383 so we can ensure we have information about your pet that helps us best plan placement options.

We're Here to Help

Our Keep ‘Em Together, KC program is designed to help you keep pets in their loving homes. Contact our Pet Support Center to discuss your needs and challenges to help you keep your pet. Our team can provide:

  • Emergency pet food
  • Pet resource assistance
  • Temporary housing in times of crisis and hardship
  • Referrals to outside social service and animal welfare agencies