Impounded Pets

We are an open admission shelter that receives animals from Kansas City Animal Control and the general public. This shelter handles over 10,000 animals each year. Our initial goal, is to get animals reunited with their owners. We follow a mandatory 5 day holding period for all stray animals to give owners time to find their lost pet. We can provide or find resources for low or no cost spay/neuter for any owner wanting to have this life-saving procedure performed.

KC Pet Project makes an investment in every animal. Upon arrival to the shelter, each animal is vaccinated and dewormed and any obvious medical conditions are addressed as much as possible. We work closely with veterinary clinics in the area to secure medical services beyond those we can provide in-house. KC Pet Project does have a full-time shelter veterinarian and veterinary technicians on staff to help ensure the health and well-being of impounded animals.

KC Pet Project can also be a source for pet owners that are contemplating pet relinquishment. Also, we can provide food on a temporary basis to pet owners facing financial hardship and can provide or help secure low cost veterinary services for owned animals. Our goal is to keep pets in their homes and out of the shelter!