Other Programs

Friends of KC Pet Project

Friends of KC Pet Project is a group of caring professionals creating connections to advocate and serve as ambassadors for the organization.

KC Rescue Runners

Join our running team, the KC Rescue Runners and support our pets throughout the years as we get ready to run the KC Marathon in October!

Snuggle Service

Fill your workplace or event with snuggles from our cutest kitten and puppy residents! A fleet of our cuddliest kittens and most precious puppies await you and your business or special event.

Bottle Baby Squad

Bottle Baby Squad is a dedicated group of volunteers who will care for neonatal kittens in the shelter.

Transfer / Placement / Rescues

The Transfer and Rescue Placement Program connects Kansas City shelter pets to rescue and private organizations all across the country.


If you are interested in becoming a playgroup volunteer, attend one of our main shelter orientations to learn more and get started.