Kansas City Man Faces Felony Abuse Charge in Connection with Abuse and Death of a Bulldog Named Rom

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A Kansas City man, Ryan R. Jackson, 30 years old of Kansas City, MO, faces a charge of Animal Abuse, an E felony, in connection with a dog named Rom’s abuse and death in October 2022, which was announced by Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker, yesterday. Jackson also faces charges in connection with a fatal gas station shooting that happened in Kansas City, MO, on Friday, June 23rd. He is being held in custody without bond.

KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division (ASD) received the case regarding Rom in October 2022 when it was reported to their department by the Kansas City Police Department. The dog’s owner reported that someone had damaged their home and harmed the dog. Officers on the scene observed a white and grey bulldog in the roadway. The dog had numerous injuries, including two broken legs, and was bleeding from the mouth and face. The dog was unable to move. The dog later succumbed to his injuries. Inside the residence, officers found heavy damage. Kitchen cabinets were ripped out of the wall.

The state-level charges of Property Damage 1st Degree and Animal Abuse – 2nd/Subsequent Office or by Torture and/or Mutilation while Animal Was Alive (578.012) were filed in April 2023 and an arrest warrant was signed on June 22nd, 2023. The following day, Jackson was involved in the fatal shooting near 10th and Locust in downtown Kansas City and is facing charges of Murder 2nd Degree and Armed Criminal Action in that case.

“Our Animal Services Division, KCPD, and the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office are to be commended for their investigative work on this case to hold the person responsible for Rom’s death accountable with charges at the highest level,” said Tori Fugate, chief communications officer at KC Pet Project. “Numerous studies show the correlation between child abuse, domestic abuse, elder abuse and other violent behavior and acts of cruelty toward animals, and this case demonstrations that link between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans. It’s important for people who perform violent acts against animals in our community to be held accountable, and KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division and Cruelty Investigative team will continue to work to file charges at the highest level, those who commit cases of extreme cruelty toward animals.”

KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division has a Cruelty TIPS hotline that you can call to report acts of cruelty toward pets by calling 816-710-0101 or filing an online cruelty report. You can also report any animal issues or concerns by calling 3-1-1, 816-683-1373, or filling out an online report.