Dog Day Out

KC Pet Project’s Dog Day Out Program allows you to take a dog out of the shelter for the day, a few hours, for the weekend – however long you want!

If you are a new foster or Dog Day Out participant, please starting by filling out our Foster Dog Signup. Then you can make an appointment to pick up a dog for a Dog Day Out here.

Dog Day Out FAQs

How long can I take a dog out of the shelter?

It’s up to you! You can take them on a car ride to go get a pup-cone, take them to your home for a few hours for play time and naps, or hang out with them around Kansas City for a the day. Just let us know when you want to bring them back and we’ll be ready for them. Weekends are also a great option! 

Why are Dog Day Outs so important?

Dog Day Outs give our pets a much needed “break” from the stress of the shelter. They also help us learn about that pet’s behavior and their likes, dislikes. This helps us find them homes faster. 

Won’t they be sad or stressed to go back to the shelter afterward?

KC Pet Project actually participated in a study years ago about the effects that Dog Day Outs have on shelter dogs, which are outlined in this great article here. “Stress does not increase once dogs return to the shelter. Dr. Gunter says that you can think of a sleepover as a day off from work after a hectic work week. Stress returns once you go back to work, and it returns once the dog goes back to the shelter. But that break allows you to rest and recuperate from stress.”

What can I do with a pet on a Dog Day Out?

  • Take naps
  • Play fetch in the back yard
  • Go on a car ride to get a snack
  • Hang out on a patio around Kansas City
  • Go on a hike
  • Hang out with friends to meet new people

The opportunities are endless!

What can I not do with a dog?

  • Go to a dog park
  • Interact with other pets in the home
  • Give the dog away to someone

Which dogs are eligible to go on a Dog Day Out?

Often, we select dogs who have been with KC Pet Project for a longer period of time to give them a break out of the shelter. These dogs benefit greatly from this time and it helps us market them to potential adopters.

Hear Why Volunteers Love this Program

“It’s such a great program! Not only does it give the dogs a break, but its a way to discover valuable information for their adoption bios. A personalized bio can help them get adopted faster. It’s the perfect volunteer opportunity for people who aren’t in a position to foster. With 3 dogs of our own, it’s so much easier for us to do the one day thing. I love having that option!”- Kelley, KCPP Volunteer

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