The KCCAC Story

"An embarrassment of a structure on Raytown Road"

—The Kansas City Star, referencing the old city shelter on Raytown Road in 2017

The building that was the Kansas City, MO Animal Shelter was never intended to be an animal shelter.

It was originally constructed to house the equipment used to build Arrowhead Stadium.

Once that project was completed nearly 50 years ago, city officials decided to convert the 14,000 square foot building into Kansas City’s “dog pound”. It was a “catch-and-kill” style facility, described as “an embarrassment of a structure on Raytown Road” with all homeless pets housed together in one loud room, located in a remote location, in a flood plain, and adjacent to a former landfill.

Kansas City's residents and pets deserved better.

On April 4th, 2017, Kansas City, MO residents had the opportunity to vote for funding for a new shelter.
KC Pet Project - old shelter

From there, the dream of the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care was realized.

With the help of the private sector, along with tax-payer funds from the GO Bond initiative, Kansas City now has a shelter that it can be proud of!