Dogs in Need of Rescue Placement

KC Pet Project is leading the way in creating a compassionate, safe community for pets and people through progressive, lifesaving programs and services, community resources, and educational opportunities. Our Rescue and Transport Program is vital to supporting our lifesaving mission, so thank you for looking at some of our available dogs for rescue placement!

Kansas City Pet Project is the municipal shelter for Kansas City, Missouri and we are open admission, meaning we are contractually obligated to take in pets from Kansas City, MO. We cannot control the number of pets coming into our shelter. With that said, our shelter population is fluid and ever-changing. On this page, you’ll be able to obtain information about dogs that are in need of rescue placement.

A disclaimer from our Transport and Rescue Coordinator: I am one person representing a shelter that receives over 15,000 animals annually. I will always do my best to respond quickly, update cards as animals are tagged, transferred out, or no longer available. We believe honesty and transparency are crucial to building positive relationships with our destination partners and I appreciate the same.

If you are a Shelter or Rescue group that can pull animals into your program:

What do we need from you:

  • A completed Rescue Partner Application that also has attachments containing any pertinent licensing and a copy of your 501c3 if applicable. Dogs cannot be tagged until we have this information.

Our biggest needs for rescue placement are:

  • Medium and large dogs
  • Medical rescue; our resources are very limited here on what we can treat and have the capacity to care for.
  • Behavioral dogs. An example would be a dog that we know has displayed offensive behavior towards other dogs or has displayed extreme wariness of stranger.
  • Dogs with a bite history.

What do you get with a transfer?

  • Dogs traveling across state lines will have a health certificate completed on-site.
  • Dogs that attend play groups with have play group notes based on their playstyle according to the Dog’s Playing for Life playstyle program and we have the ability to take any videos of dogs engaging with other dogs and people at your request. To watch a short, but very informative video on DPFL play styles 101, please visit this link. Play groups are run every morning and are facilitating in a controlled environment and under the supervision of our Canine Playgroup Supervisor and additional members of our Canine Behavior team.
  • All dogs leaving our shelter are fully vetted, altered, and have had a heartworm test. You will also receive copies of their medical chart, vaccine certificate, and valid rabies tag.
  • We do have a small, but mighty, network of volunteers who are willing and able to transport dogs. We are always happy to work with other rescues and shelters and combine our networks, especially if that means a dog gets out of the shelter!

If you are interested in tagging a dog, please do the following:

  • Please email the our rescue coordinator the animal ID number of the dog(s) you are interested in tagging.
  • If you have any questions about the dog, please ask those as well!
  • Please ensure that your rescue/shelter has completed a Rescue Partner Sign up which can be found here. Dogs cannot be tagged until we have this information on file.
  • Next we will share additional information about the dog (medical history, behavior observations, etc.) and ensure that you know all that we do about the dog.
  • We do have a network of short-term fosters who are willing and able to foster a dog that has been tagged by a rescue while it waits for transport. A foster placement is not always a guarantee depending on the temperament of the dog, but it will always be an option we seek out.
  • Confirm date/time of transport/transfer of animal. We will ensure health certificates are signed and ready, paper copies of medical chart, rabies certificate and tag, and a copy of our Transfer Agreement will accompany all transfers. See Transfer Agreement below in attachments.
  • Any medical condition that the dog is being treated for may have limited quantities of medication filled in our clinic at the discretion of our Veterinarian and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you so very much for looking at our dogs and I look forward to working with you!