Loyal Companions Monthly Giving

Loyal Companions: Monthly Donor Club of KC Pet Project

Loyal Companions of KC Pet Project support our life-saving work by making an automatic, monthly contribution that shows you are an important part of our efforts to create a better community for pets and people in Kansas City.

Why should you become a Loyal Companion of KC Pet Project?

  • Your budget will like it! Your monthly contribution in any amount (minimum $5) helps KC Pet Project provide a critical community resource. This makes it easier for you to plan for the timing of your support, and even a small contribution helps us A LOT!
  • Your automatic, regular gifts keep KC Pet Project strong. We can manage our budget even better when we know we can count on your ongoing support!
  • And, while we know that you’re becoming a Loyal Companion of KC Pet Project because you value a strong community for pets and people, you’ll also receive some exclusive benefits for your loyalty!

$12.50 donated monthly for a full year provides formula for two litters of neonatal kittens.

Loyal Companions making a gift of $12.50 or more per month get their decal and welcome brochure and will receive two priority reservations at any of our monthly Visit KCPP tours. Monthly tours help us introduce new supporters to the shelter and gives current supporters the chance to learn more and get engaged!

$25 per month provides vaccinations needed for an adult dog or cat arriving at KC Pet Project.

Loyal Companions making a contribution of $25.00 or more per month receive all benefits listed above and your name will be shown on monitors throughout the new shelter as some of our most loyal friends. While we’ll still be in the current shelter for a few months, we’ll get you recognized in our main lobby.

A $100 gift provided monthly for 12 months allows KC Pet Project to provide diagnostic x-rays and pain management to at least five injured or abused pets in our care.

Loyal Companions donating more than $100.00 each month will receive an invitation to an exclusive donor thank you event annually plus all benefits listed above.

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