Loyal Companions Monthly Giving

Loyal Companions: Monthly Donor Club of KC Pet Project

Loyal Companions of KC Pet Project support our life-saving work by making an automatic, monthly contribution that shows you are an important part of our efforts to create a better community for pets and people in Kansas City.

Why should you become a Loyal Companion of KC Pet Project?

  • Your budget will like it! Your monthly contribution in any amount (minimum $5) helps KC Pet Project provide a critical community resource. This makes it easier for you to plan for the timing of your support, and even a small contribution helps us A LOT!
  • Your automatic, regular gifts keep KC Pet Project strong. We can manage our budget even better when we know we can count on your ongoing support!
  • And, while we know that you’re becoming a Loyal Companion of KC Pet Project because you value a strong community for pets and people, you’ll also receive some exclusive benefits for your loyalty!

$12.50 donated monthly for a full year provides formula for two litters of neonatal kittens.

$25 per month provides vaccinations needed for an adult dog or cat arriving at KC Pet Project.

A $100 gift provided monthly for 12 months allows KC Pet Project to provide diagnostic x-rays and pain management to at least five injured or abused pets in our care.

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