Report a Lost or Found Pet using Petco Love Lost

About Petco Love Lost

This is a facial recognition technology to match photos of the pet you are submitting. This database includes pets reported by individuals as well as shelter partners in our area. By uploading a photo of your lost or found pet and reporting it to this system, you make that pet visible to pet parents searching for their pet – making happy reunions just a few clicks away.

Why we are using this technology

KC Pet Project is using Petco Love Lost to help lost and found pets get home faster. Gone are the days of lengthy forms to fill out for lost and found pets. This proven technology has been effective in other communities across the country at helping lost and found pets get back home with their families, and we are excited to feature this in the Kansas City area. Using this technology also helps cut down on staff time trying to match up pets submitted in forms with pets in the shelter and in other shelters, helping with efficiencies.


Please call 816-683-1383 to speak to our Pet Helpline and our Get ‘Em Home Team.

Petco Love Lost
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Report a Lost or Found Pet

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