Keep ‘Em Together, KC

KC Pet Project believes that no one should have to surrender a pet they love dearly because of financial hardship.

Keep ‘Em Together, KC is a program that focuses on building community partnerships and expanding services to help address the systemic roots of resource inequity in Kansas City. Our team partners with our community and pet owners to help provide several resources to support a whole family model to increase pet retention and deter unnecessary pet surrender. Our goal is to help pet owners resolve the problems they are experiencing so they can keep their pet.

Looking for assistance for your family?

We know how overwhelming life can be. Here are some human support service tools and resources for you to explore:

You can invest in Keep ‘Em Together, KC’s mission to help pet owners keep their pets.

Want to get involved in reimagining animal sheltering?


Cheezcake and Ryan’s Story

Cheezcake (AKA Cheez, AKA Cheez-whiz, AKA Cheezy) and her mom, Ryan, have had a history of saving each other. Ryan was working as a crossing guard about 11...
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Keep ‘Em Together, KC – 1 Year in Review

We launched our Keep ‘Em Together, KC (KETKC) on May 5, 2020, so we recently celebrated the 1 Year Anniversary of our progressive program. KETKC has been instrumental...
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KC Pet Project Announces Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program for Lost and Found Pets

Program Waives Intake Fees for Pet Owners Within Two Days of Impoundment Kansas City, MO, June 8, 2021 – KC Pet Project announced a new program today that...
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Larry and Trover’s Story – Keep ‘Em Together, KC

Trover’s story is why our Home Away from Home crisis foster program is so important. Trover initially came to us on April 20th. His owner, Larry, is a...
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Home Away from Home Program at KC Pet Project Aims to Keep More Families Together

Organization Seeking Foster Families to Help Care for Owned Pets in the Community Kansas City, MO, March 23, 2021 – KC Pet Project recently launched their Home Away...
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KC Pet Project Receives $50,000 Grant Thanks to Maddie To Support Keep ‘Em Together Program

Two Case Managers Have Been Hired to Work to Keep People and Pets Together in Kansas City Kansas City, MO, March 17, 2021 – KC Pet Project is...
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Coco’s Story

While you may not be able to see the big smiles under the masks, the joy in this picture is evident. You would never know it by looking...
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Charles and Bud’s Story

KC Pet Project is keeping pets together this holiday season. When our animal services officers were canvassing a neighborhood looking for the owner of a stray pet that...
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Dean and Wilson’s Story

In the animal welfare industry, we talk about intake diversion at our shelters. What does intake diversion mean? It’s where we look at each individual animal’s situation to...
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Need Assistance?

Thank you to our founding Keep ‘Em Together, KC members!

  • Katie Barnett
  • Sarah and Jon Baum
  • Susan Bond
  • Meagan Brammell
  • Wendy and Grant Burcham
  • Peggy Chase
  • Christina Crumpecker
  • Emily Daly
  • Joel Daly
  • Dina Davis
  • Jenny and Warren Erdman
  • Frazier Family
  • Larry and Vicky Freese
  • Robin and Harold Fugate
  • Terry Garberg
  • Sharon Gartin
  • Amanda Gatten
  • Janice Girando
  • Heather Kennedy
  • Kimbrell / Handshy Family
  • Jodde Olsen Lanning
  • League at AT&T
  • Vicki L. Logsdon
  • Gail Longstaff
  • Audrey Masoner
  • Brad Miller
  • Lori Ann Miller
  • Charlie and Kay Newell
  • Gary O’Bannon
  • Adrienne Olson
  • Stan Parks
  • Roshann Parris
  • Jennifer Peters
  • Leslie Pfriem and John Palone
  • Roxanne Phillips
  • Karen Poole
  • Camille Pukay
  • Megan Ryken
  • Linda Schroeder
  • Dr. Sadie Scott
  • Cathy and Joel Shevlin
  • Barbara Spangler
  • Susan Surber
  • Heather Tatge
  • Donna Thomason
  • Margaret Tompkins
  • Rachel Whipple