The Animal Services Division of KC Pet Project prioritizes calls for assistance when wildlife is in living areas of a home and when a situation presents a rabies exposure concern. Officers also may respond to reports of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife.

KC Pet Project Animal Services Officers do not remove wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons or opossums from underneath porches, on rooftops, inside attics or unfinished basements. To locate a company that specializes in this, look up pest control services in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. If a high-risk wild animal (raccoon, skunk, bat, coyote, fox) is inside your living area, contact us by dialing 311 and an officer will advise you on what to do and if they will need to respond.

Animal Services does not respond to calls for deceased animal pickups unless the deceased animal was involved in a bite or rabies exposure (please dial 311 for assistance for deceased animals).

Our partners at Lakeside Nature Center assist with injured wildlife and for information on their services, visit their website.

Here are some helpful resources for questions concerning wildlife: