KCPP Friendly Finder

Friendly Finders

Be a Friendly Finder to a Lost Pet in Need

By enrolling in our Friendly Finder Program, you can help a lost pet by providing a comfortable place for them to serve their 5-day stray hold, increasing their chance of reuniting with their family and keeping a kennel open at the shelter for incoming animals. Friendly Finders are true lifesavers!

How the Program Works

What we are doing to find the owner:

After you bring the lost pet to the shelter initially, we’ll work with you to get the animal’s profile created and their photo posted on our website. With your help, a Petco Love Lost report has been submitted. In addition to filing this lost report, we are:

What to expect if the shelter locates the owner:

If the owner of the pet comes forward, we will ask you to return the pet to the shelter within 24 hours. We will then set up a time for the owner to come in and pick up their pet.

What to do if you locate the owner:

If someone reaches out to you claiming that they are the owner of the pet, first gather their name and phone number in case you need it later. The following questions will help you confirm ownership of the pet:

  • Ask the owner when and where the pet was lost. Does this match up with when and where you found the pet? (This may not always match exactly but is a good start.)
  • If the pet was found wearing a collar, ask the owner to describe the color and pattern of the collar.
  • Ask for the owner to send vet records or rabies licensing via text or email.
  • If pet is microchipped, does the information on the microchip match the owner’s information.
  • Ask the owner to provide pictures of the pet with them or family members.

Once ownership is confirmed, contact our Return to Home Team at 816-683-1383 to notify them the owner is found.

Next, schedule a time to meet the owner at the shelter to complete paperwork. Do not hand over the pet to the potential owner. They must reclaim their pet at the shelter. This will help us ensure the pet is going back to the lawful owner, keep accurate ownership records and register their microchip correctly.

If you are uncomfortable with confirming proof of ownership, please obtain the potential owners information and send it to the Return to Home Team – we are more than happy to lead reunification efforts!

What to expect if an owner is not located:

One of our Return to Home Coordinators will reach out to you at the end of the stray hold to see if you’d like to adopt the pet, return the pet to the shelter, or sign-up to foster the pet and will provide you with the next steps. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email [email protected].