At-Risk List

These are all dogs currently on our at-risk list that are priorities to move out of the shelter.

All adoption fees of these dogs are fee-waived in an effort to get them into homes.

Our shelter continues to be at capacity, and we receive at least 30 new dogs, on average, every day. Kennel space is needed every day for our new arrivals, which means our team always has an urgency to move dogs out of the shelter. Due to the fact that we have no open kennels and more dogs coming in than are going out, all the dogs on this list should be considered urgent placements. We are sharing this in an effort to find homes for these dogs as quickly as we can, so that we do not have to euthanize them because of how full we are.

See ways that you can help the dogs on the at-risk list at the resources listed at the bottom of the page below the table.

Defining KC Pet Project’s At Risk List

What it Means to be a No-Kill Shelter and What That Means for Us at KC Pet Project

Dogs that are on the at-risk list are eligible to go to a foster home.

If you are interested in fostering a dog, please visit this page to fill out the foster sign up form  and schedule an appointment or email [email protected]. Dogs on our at-risk list are also eligible for fostering-to-adopt. The Canine Foster-to-Adopt program aims to find suitable homes for hard-to-place dogs by avoiding prolonged stays in the shelter or in foster care. Mirroring our adoption process, our goal is to match you with a dog that after two weeks in your home, you decide to adopt. 


Please note: Dogs with a placement deadline in the urgency column are not eligible for foster or foster-to-adopt but are eligible for adoption. This is so our foster team can utilize their time and resources to place the other hundreds of dogs in our care into foster homes.  

The Canine Operations Team and other staff utilizes our complete at-risk spreadsheet to track the canines in our care while having a system of checks and balances.

Being “at-risk” does not mean a dog is going to be automatically euthanized; instead it is an opportunity for our organization to focus attention and advocate for at-risk dogs by finding ways to improve quality of life or find appropriate placement alternatives. We also track when we’ve marketed these dogs, if they go to playgroups, if they participate in Dog Day Outs, if they have a professional photo and a bio written, and much more.

The at-risk list is also intended to help all KC Pet Project stakeholders emotionally prepare in the event that tough decisions are made. It’s not impossible for a dog to bypass the at-risk list and move to humane euthanasia if the situation warrants it. Dogs with a bite history or a medical emergency might be an example.


This column highlights the urgency of placement for the dog and would list a deadline for placement if there is one set.


Length of Stay

This is how long the dog has been at one of our adoption centers in our care. Dogs are automatically added to the at-risk list when they hit 30 days in our care as that is more than a week longer than our average length of stay for dogs.  Majority of the dogs that are on our at-risk list are there because of their length-of-stay. This is so no dog falls through the cracks at our organization. It’s important to note that the longer a dog is in the shelter, the more stressed that they will become living in a shelter environment, and we cannot hold dogs indefinitely.


Petco Adoption Center (at 95th and Quivira)


Zona Rosa Adoption Center


Quality of Life

When we reach a level of animals that is beyond our shelter’s capacity for providing humane care, we see more pets whose quality of life starts to deteriorate in the shelter environment. Dogs who spend months in a shelter may begin deteriorating and/or medically suffering in the shelter (which can include refusal to eat, losing weight, panting/barking all day long, spinning in their kennels, vomiting and diarrhea, and other concerns), and we must evaluate whether it is humane to keep this animal in our care any longer. We provide medications to help ease their stress, but many animals are so stressed that medications only provide so much relief.


Behavior Observations


Jumpy and Mouthy (while handling)


On Leash Reactivity


Resource Guarding
NameAnimal IDIntake DateLOSDate AddedReason AddedUrgency
Pac-ManA5460351011/18/20239412/5/2023Hard placement (Transiton, JAM, bite history, mandatory meet with all household members)Urgent Placement Needed
HalibutA4772878111/19/20239312/15/2023LOS, JAM
MicahA5484745311/27/20238512/26/2023LOS (Transition, shy/fearful, vetting and restraint)
CholitoA5485008411/27/20238512/26/2023LOS, JAM, escape tendencies
PoloniusA5486035111/29/20238312/26/2023LOS, JAM, no male dogs
ProsperoA5486529111/29/20238312/26/2023LOS, JAM
HastingsA5486969211/30/20238212/29/2023LOS (Transition, shy/fearful)
GonzoloA5487201811/30/20238212/29/2023LOS (Transtion, shy/fearful), QOLUrgent Placement Needed
Mama KelceA5487807212/1/2023812/3/2024LOS, Hard placement (Transition, shy/fearful, escape tendencies, destructive tendencies, no cats, mandatory meet with all members of household)
MistletoeA4016023812/4/2023781/2/2024LOS, JAM, reactivty
King HenryA5492017612/8/2023741/6/2024LOS
SnowyA5492656212/10/2023721/6/2024LOS, transition, shy/feaful
TerryA5493577212/12/2023701/9/2024LOS, QOL
StevrosA5493953212/12/2023701/9/2024LOS, no male dogsUrgent Placement Needed
VegaA5496824312/18/2023641/12/2024LOS, RG with dogs
GnomeA5485088312/22/2023601/20/2024LOS, Hard placment (RG with people, no children, RG with dogs), QOLUrgent Placement Needed
PopeyeA5500748212/26/2023561/23/0204LOSUrgent Placement Needed
PoseyA468520431/3/2024481/30/2024LOS, Hard placement (RG with animals, no cats, reactivity (dogs/people), destructive tendencies, escape tendencies (crate)Urgent Placement Needed
MagnumA550434951/3/2024481/30/2024LOSUrgent Placement Needed
MarmaladeA547418621/4/2024472/3/2024LOS, May do best as an only dog (see pg notes and at-risk form), escape tendencies (escapes M&G), QOLUrgent Placement Needed
AlbusA550653761/7/2024441/31/2024LOS, no male dogs, wariness of strangers
Felice (PC)A442483151/8/2024432/3/2024LOS
HoneybearA550714871/8/2024432/12/2024LOS, Hard placement (transition, shy/fearful, mandatory meet with household (would do best with older children), flight risk)Urgent Placement Needed
RonaldoA550714941/8/2024432/12/2024LOS, Hard placement (Transition, Shy/Fearful, Mandatory Meet w/ All Members of Household (Older Children Recommended))Urgent Placement Needed
GypsyA550715001/8/2024432/16/2024LOS, Hard placement (Transition, shy/fearful, mandatory meet with all household members (may do best with older children), flight risk.)
Jackie DaytonaA550774201/9/2024422/6/2024LOS, no male dogs
AugustineA550782631/9/2024421/31/2024LOS, no male dogs
BanjoA550813271/10/2024411/31/2024LOS, no male dogs, QOLUrgent Placement Needed
ThelmaA550819801/10/2024412/6/2024LOS, QOL
MariettaA550913671/11/2024402/16/2024LOS, no female dogs
DennisA551044791/15/2024362/12/2024LOS, no male dogs
IslaA551050221/15/2024362/12/2024LOS, transition, shy/feaful
El Titi (PC)A547705181/16/2024352/12/2024LOS
Nobi (PC)A551121561/16/2024352/12/2024LOS
YarrowA551219331/18/2024331/31/2024LOS, no male dogs
KoaA523914681/18/2024332/12/2024LOS, transition, shy/feaful, mandatory meet with children
LettyA551254511/18/2024331/31/2024QOL, LOS
MorrisA551254691/18/2024332/10/2024QOL, LOS
SimbaA551254781/18/2024332/12/2024QOL, LOS
Hector ZeroniA522563921/18/2024332/12/2024LOS
Miami (ZR)A527152531/18/2024332/12/2024LOS, no cats
SnootA467017231/19/2024322/16/2024LOS, no cats, escape tendencies
SamuraiA550231131/19/2024322/20/2024LOS, RG with dogs
WickerA545515341/19/2024322/9/2024QOL, LOS
FrescaA509893461/20/2024312/14/2024QOL, LOS
Jessie (ZR)A548617071/20/2024312/16/2024LOS
Shereen (PC)A551397501/22/2024292/20/2024LOS
Mia A480551361/23/2024282/20/2024LOS
LaylaA495680111/23/2024282/20/2024LOS, transition, shy/fearful
GarlandA548503902/2/2024182/3/2024Hard placement (RG w/ people, no kids, JAM, intake notes, escape tendencies, mandatory D2D)Urgent Placement Needed
WinterA517928042/7/2024132/16/2024QOL, transition, shy/fearful
ShelbyA552595772/11/202492/19/2024No dogs
SobaA540353322/12/202482/14/2024Hard placement (transition, shy/fearful, wariness of strangers, intake notes, mandatory meet with ALL household members)
HubbleA549929412/14/202462/15/2024Hard placement (Transition, Shy/Fearful, Mandatory Meet With All Members of Household, Escape Tendencies, no cats, possible separation anxiety)

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