Roadrunner Medical Fund

The Roadrunner Fund, named for the severely injured little dog who lost his eyes after he was allegedly strangled and thrown off a third floor balcony.

Roadrunner Fund

The Roadrunner fund seeks to raise critical funds for the significant medical expenses KC Pet Project incurs or must pay to outside veterinary partners each year to treat abused, sick, and critically injured pets like Roadrunner.

Last year, KC Pet Project received more than 1,400 dogs and cats that were severely injured or critically ill upon arrival at the animal shelter. Many more pets relinquished to the shelter are found to have previously untreated or undisclosed injuries or life-threatening illnesses that require medical treatment. On average, 4 or more dogs or cats arrive every day, 365 days a year, at KC Pet Project that need immediate, life-saving medical care.

As the largest no-kill animal shelter in Kansas City, we must rely solely on donations to be able to provide this level of medical treatment for our community’s pets in order to save their lives and provide the second chance they deserve.

KC Pet Project is asking the public to consider a tax-deductible donation today to The Roadrunner Fund to help us continue to save the lives of so many innocent dogs and cats who arrive at the shelter suffering from abuse, accidents and neglect, including broken bones, severe lacerations, mange, chemical burns, gunshots, and other medical emergencies.