Open Records Request

KC Pet Project considers access to public records of paramount importance.  Open record requests may be received to our organization Monday – Friday during normal business hours. If requests are sent after-hours or over the weekend, the timeline to respond will begin the subsequent business day.

If you would like to see the outcome of Animal Services cases reported to KC Pet Project after December 1, 2020, those are listed here. For all cases prior to December 1, 2020, please refer to the City’s 311 data reports. KC Pet Project is only responsible for records requests for the animal shelter and animal control operations.

After our organization receives a request for public records, the Records Custodian (in most cases this will be KC Pet Project’s Compliance Manager) has three (3) business days to respond.  During that time they will attempt to determine whether the records are in the organization’s custody, whether they are subject to disclosure under Missouri’s Sunshine Law. (Chapter 610, RSMo), and if fees allowed by RSMO§610.026.1(1) will be due.  If the records cannot be produced within three (3) days, the Records Custodian will explain the reason for the delay and the earliest date and time that the records will be available. 

If the estimated cost to respond is over $25, the Records Custodian will provide a good faith estimate of such fees, along with a breakdown of how they are calculated, but is not required to begin retrieving documents until the requestor agrees to pay the estimated cost.  If the estimated cost is over $500, the department will not begin retrieving documents until the requestor pays the estimated costs.  A department can charge no more than 10 cents per page for copies of letter/legal size documents, and actual cost for copies of other- sized documents.  The labor rate for search, retrieval, redaction, and production will be the hourly rate of the lowest-paid employee who is qualified to fulfill the request.  There will be no charge for the first 15 minutes an employee works on a request.

Payment of fees can be made in person via cash, money order or credit card at the KC Pet Project Campus for Animal Care, 7077 Elmwood Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64132 during regular business hours, or via money order by mail.

To submit an Open Records Request, please email KC Pet Project.