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KCPP 2022 Stats

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Nonprofit Connect Philly Awards

  • Gold Award – Social Media Campaign – Simon the TikTok Star

The Pitch Best of Kansas City

  • Best Place to Adopt a Pet
  • Best Place to Work (over 50 employees)

      Year in Review

      • We took in 15,703 dogs, cats, and other pets in 2022. Total intake of dogs and cats was the highest ever recorded in our 11-year history – up 50% since 2019. This was the highest number of dogs to arrive in our shelter’s history – taking in 1,119 more dogs than last year.  (Intake breakdown was 7,686 dogs, 7,554 cats, and 463 other animals).
      • Our Save Rate for dogs and cats in 2022 was an incredible 96%, despite taking in the highest number of animals in our city’s history (5,100 more dogs & cats a year than we were taking in before we moved into our KC Campus for Animal Care in 2020).
      • 10,725 pets were adopted in 2022 (4,661 dogs, 5,904 cats, and 160 other pets). Numbers of pets being adopted is at the highest level in our 11-year history – up 43% from 2019 totals.
      • Stray/lost pets are arriving at our shelter at the highest level ever recorded – up 61% from 2019 totals.
      • In 2022, doctors performed a record-setting 9,808 surgeries in our shelter’s veterinary clinic – 1,344 more surgeries than last year – and they performed 14,656 examinations on patients, including 204 puppies treated for parvovirus in our shelter Parvo Ward. Our doctors are performing the largest numbers of spay/neuter and specialty surgeries in our organization’s history – up 17% in 2022
      • In 2022, 1,830 lost/impounded pets were returned to their homes and an additional 642 lost pets were rescued by Animal Services Officers and returned home without having to bring them to the shelter. Numbers of lost pets being returned to their homes is at the highest level ever recorded – a 52% increase since 2019.
      • In 2022, 3,054 families with 5,616 pets were supported by our Keep ‘Em Together KC programs (a 382% increase from last year). We provided $144,493.10 in financial assistance to KCMO residents in 2022 – a 50% increase from 2021!
      • In 2022, 902 families with 1,052 pets were directly impacted by our Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program and received $93,285.00 in subsidized fees from KCPP – a 96% increase from last year!
      • Through Keep ‘Em Together KC’s Pet Resource Assistance Program, a record 190,411 pounds of pet foods (95 TONS) and 7,713 pet care items were distributed to 12 community partners and 1,364 households with 3,213 pets. These resources donated to KCMO residents in 2022 were valued at nearly $500,000!
      • The number of pets being surrendered by their owners has increased by nearly 100% since 2019. The top reasons families cited for needing to surrender their pets in 2022 was:
        • Health of the animal or health of the owner/family (1,228 pets),
        • Lack of resources and the inability to afford pet-related medical care (1,092 pets),
        • Personal reasons including changes in lifestyle, or the pet was incompatible with the living arrangements of other people or other animals (663 pets).
        • Housing-related issues, including cost of housing, loss of home, moving/relocating, and pet-restrictions (582 pets).
      • Our 2022 focus on low cost/free microchipping resulted in 87% of reclaimed pets leaving with a microchip (730 microchips were implanted at time of reclaim, compared to 513 in 2021)!
      • On average, 130 dogs participated in our Canine Playgroup Program every day in 2022
      • 2,452 dogs were sent to foster homes in 2022, with 910 dogs going on a Dog Day Out.
      • 2,606 cats/kittens went to foster homes in 2022 – with 2,408 being underage kittens (a 30% increase)!
      • We provide low cost spay/neuter services for 851 Community Cats – a 35% increase in 2022.
      • In 2022, our Pet Support Center team answered 57,245 phone calls, and completed 18,437 outbound calls for a total of 91,505 Helpline Calls (a 3% increase from 2021).
      • 2,757 cats/kittens were adopted from one of 11 Petco store Cat Habitats in 2022 – that was 47% of our total cat adoptions processed last year. Cats/kittens only spent an average of 3 days in a Petco store before being adopted by new families!
      • We had 5,357 volunteers give services to KCPP in 2022 for a total of 48,383 hours – the equivalent of 233 full-time employees at a total value of $1,152,979.18!
      • Animal Services Officers were dispatched to 13,823 new calls for service in 2022 (comprised of 23,536 separate case activities) and closed 16,416 unique cases.
      • The Cruelty Investigations Team investigated and closed 2,653 animal cruelty cases in KCMO. 158 criminal citations were issued through the municipal court for violations of Kansas City’s Code of Ordinances.  Several cases were submitted to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office for state felony animal cruelty prosecution.
      • Our Animal Services Dispatch team answered 43,985 live phone calls from residents, completed 14,672 outbound calls and resolved 3,191 voicemails in 2022. The Animal Cruelty Tips Hotline received 239 calls in 2022.
      • The Animal Services Division had 32 dogs legally declared Potentially Dangerous and 9 dogs declared Dangerous in 2022 – significantly enhancing public safety in our community.
        865 students from local schools, home school groups, and Scouts came to our Campus in 2022 for our Youth Education programs.
      • We had 1,922 media stories and news mentions in 2022. The estimated media reach for all media stories last year was an incredible 2,521,499,320 billion people!
      • We were named Best Place to Work (for companies with 50+ employees), Best Place to Adopt a Pet, and Best Nonprofit in 2022 by readers of Kansas City Magazine and The Pitch.
      • KC Pet Project was honored to win another Philly Award through Nonprofit Connect, celebrating excellence in marketing, video production, social media, fundraising events, brand management, newsletters, and websites. We won GOLD in the category of Social Media Campaign for our story of Simon the matted Shih Tzu. 

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        January 2022

        KC Pet Project Celebrates its 10-year Anniversary

        December 2020

        KC Pet Project Assumes Contract for Animal Control Services in Kansas City, MO

        January 2020

        KC Campus for Animal Care Opens

        June 2018

        Groundbreaking of Kansas City Campus for Animal Care

        April 2017

        Vote passed for funding for a new KCMO Animal Shelter

        October 2016

        Opened Veterinary Care Center at Main Shelter

        September 2015

        Launched Petco Cat Program for 6 Petco Cat Habitats in stores in the metro

        November 2014

        KCPP Zona Rona Celebrates its 3,000th Adoption

        May 2014

        KCPP awarded the first ever Paul Jolly Compassion Award by the Petco Foundation.

        March 2014

        KCPP Petco Adoption Center Opens

        July 2013

        Celebrate first 12 months at operating above a 90% Live Release Rate

        November, 2012

        KCPP Zona Rosa Adoption Center Opens

        November, 2012

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