President/CEO Report for November 2022

Teresa Johnson - CEO / Executive Director / Chief Lifesaving Officer
  • In November, 907 pets were adopted by new families – and although adoptions have slowed, the record-breaking number of pets being adopted from KCPP is up 40% from 2019 totals.
  • We achieved an incredible 95.8% save rate in November (95.5% dogs, 96.1% cats) and our Year-to-Date save rate is an impressive 96.1% despite continuing to take in the highest number of animals in our city’s history.
  • Animal Services Officers were dispatched to 1,426 call activities and closed an additional 1,081 unique cases last month.  We issued nineteen (19) verbal warnings for violations, five (5) official Notice to Correct Violation warning tickets to residents and issued sixteen (16) citations through the municipal court.
  • Our veterinary clinic surgical team performed 1,083 surgeries in November and our medicine and triage team examined 1,436 animals. Our surgery schedule included 36 specialty surgeries, including amputations, wound repairs, dental extractions, mass removals, and a complex surgery to repair a kitten’s gastrointestinal tract.
  • Members of our Animal Services Division and Veterinary teams visited several camps with houseless residents living with pets in KCMO, providing vaccinations, dog food, straw, microchips, collars, dog coats, and winter weather supplies. One gentleman said about his dog Streak, “He means everything to me.  He’s saved me from three fires since I’ve had him. He’s my best buddy. When you think no one cares about you, your dog cares about you.” 
  • Our Cruelty Investigations Team closed 213 animal cruelty case activities in November and had 48 active animal cruelty cases under investigation at month-end.  Several cases are currently in the hands of the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for state felony animal cruelty charges.
  • Chief Ryan Johnson, and Cruelty Investigations Manager Richard Rohrback attended the first KC Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty Coalition where local animal services organizations discussed how to close the gap between animal welfare professionals and social service programs in the Kansas City area.  Experts report animal abuse is present in 88% of homes where physical child abuse occurs.
  • More than 64,000 pounds of dog and cat foods and other pet supplies were given to KCMO residents through our Pet Resource Assistance Program in November – benefitting 16 community pet food pantry partners and 268 families with 909 pets.
  • We had 353 media stories and mentions during the month of November, and the estimated media reach for the month for animal services and sheltering stories was 266,050,303 million people.

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