Road to Vegas Adoption Special

We are certainly celebrating that our hometown team is heading to the big game, but KC Pet Project continues to be in crisis mode. Every day, our team is working as hard as we can to make kennel space for new arrivals without having to euthanize dogs for space, but we are struggling and need help. Today, we have more than 300 dogs in our main shelter, which is the most we’ve ever had.

To help make space for our new arrivals and to cheer on our favorite team, we are hosting a dog adoption special from February 1-11, which will feature $15 adult dog adoptions and $87 puppy adoptions! There may be some exclusions to the special, but it will feature dogs and puppies at our three adoptions centers and pets in foster homes.

We appreciate all that you, our community, is doing to help us save lives during this difficult time for us. Let’s save some lives leading up to the big game! View all our adoptable pets here.