October President’s Impact Report

Teresa Johnson - CEO / Executive Director / Chief Lifesaving Officer

We saved so many lives in October and helped keep so many pets and families together! We’re facing challenges and situations we haven’t seen in many years, but we’re all working harder than ever to care for the overwhelming number of pets in need from our community.

Here are a few highlights from October’s report:

🐾 1,370 new dogs and cats arrived in October (676 dogs, 663 cats), along with 6 chickens, 5 guinea pigs, 1 pig, 7 rabbits, 1 pet rat, 1 sheep, and 1 alligator. We have received or provided care for 13,273 animals so far in 2023.

🐾 981 pets were adopted in October (421 dogs, 547 cats, and 13 other pets).

🐾 Our veterinary team performed 978 spay/neuter and specialty surgeries in October, including low cost spay/neuter surgeries and veterinary care for 126 community cats, and free spay/neuter surgeries and veterinary services for 41 owned dogs that were reclaimed and returned to their families.

🐾 268 dogs/puppies and 226 cats/kittens were sent to foster homes in October.

🐾 We had 428 news stories and broadcast mentions during the month of October with a total reach last month of 345,728,418 million people!

🐾 In October, 806 volunteers gave 4,861.29 hours of services, the equivalent of 28 full-time employees. Businesses across the metro brought 243 people to our Campus for corporate/group volunteer events and gave 739 hours of service.

🐾 367 families with 730 pets benefited directly from pet food and pet supply resources provided by KCPP in October – this was the largest number of families ever to receive resource assistance in one month through Pet Resource Request applications, walk-in assistance, and external community food pantries.

Check out the story and photos from our veterinary clinic of our medical team taking radiographs, drawing blood, and administering IV fluids to a 3½ ft. alligator that was brought in by our Animal Services team!

And don’t miss the touching story and photo from our Pet Support Center of Mikey’s reunion – about the owner of a 12-year-old blind, deaf, geriatric Shiba Inu that showed us all the strength of their human/animal bond.

Teresa Johnson

President/CEO of KC Pet Project