Kit Kat’s Story

At KC Pet Project, our Keep ‘Em Together, KC program aims at helping families stay together, and recently our Pet Support Team helped Kit Kat stay with her family.

Jessica came to KC Pet Project in July with an appointment to relinquish her pet, Kit Kat, because she was having troubles taking care of her. Jessica let Kit Kat outside to play, Kit Kat disappeared for about a week and when she came back, her back leg had been injured. Jessica thought a dog might have gotten to her and wanted to get her help. She knew how much her previous vet bill was and was not sure how she was going to pay for the care that Kit Kat was going to need. That is when Jessica set up an appointment to relinquish Kit Kat so she could get the care that she needed but definitely did not want to give her up.

After talking with Jessica and her family, our team could tell how much they loved Kit Kat and how upset she was about having to give her up because she couldn’t afford the expense of the treatment. That is when our own Dr. Kennedy came to the rescue and asked the family if we could take care of their cat, if they wanted to take her back. Jessica immediately started crying and felt so relieved that she did not have to give up her baby for good. Jessica and her family came back a week later following treatment to pick up their baby and Kit Kat was definitely excited to be reunited with her little brother and her parents!

This is the kind of community support that KC Pet Project hopes to provide as part of the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) project as a participating pilot shelter. Our goal is to keep families together and with your help and your donations to our Keep ‘Em Together Fund, we can help more pets like Kit Kat stay with their families who love them.

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