2021 Year in Review + December Report

Here are some notable accomplishments for the entire year of 2021 as well as December 2021 as reported on by our President/CEO, Teresa Johnson:

2021 statistics kcpp
  • In 2021, we provided medical care and housing to a record-setting 14,581 animals – 6,567 dogs, 7,515 cats, plus another 499 small animals and livestock.  This is the largest number of animals to have ever entered our shelter system in Kansas City’s recorded history.
  • An incredible 10,042 pet adoptions (3,939 dogs, 5,948 cats) were processed in 2021. This is the largest number of dogs and cats adopted in one year in our organization’s history.
  • We achieved a Save Rate of 96.4% for the year – the highest annual save rate achieved in Kansas City’s history.
  • The number of owner-surrendered pets was up 40% in 2021 and was 129% higher than 2019 levels.
  • In 2021, KC Pet Project’s Pet Support Helpline handled 88,760 phone calls from KCMO residents.
  • Our Animal Services Division sent officers on nearly 15,000 unique calls from KCMO residents.
  • We have 1.1 million TikTok followers!
  • In 2021, 1,215 families (with 1,552 pets) benefitted from our Keep ‘Em Together, KC programs with $96,418.45 granted by KCPP in subsidies.
  • Launched in June of 2021, our Reclaim Fee Forgiveness Program provided $47,707.00 in reclaim subsidies for the year, helping 416 KCMO families (with 581 pets) get their lost pets back home quicker without the worry and financial burden of expensive fees.
  • Our Pet Support Center provided KCMO residents with more than 29.7 TONS of pet food and treats and more than 3,961 pet care items including dog houses, flea/tick medications, and collars/leashes.  We provided vaccinations/microchips/pet ID tags to services to 179 owned pets at our Community Clinics.
  • In 2021, 1,909 community volunteers gave 42,110 hours of service to KCPP (a 59% increase over last year).  This is the equivalent of than 20 FTEs, with a value of $1,201,804.27 to our organization.
  • Our shelter’s veterinary clinic wrapped up a very busy year, having served more animals and provided more medical services than ever before.  Doctors perform a total of 8,474 surgeries in 2021, and our doctors had an impressive year of surgical and medical innovation. Our veterinarians successfully performed several delicate, complex surgeries that are often not performed in shelters, or even in most private veterinary practices. This included repairing a liver shunt on a kitten, correcting a congenital abnormality of the vessels near a kitten’s heart, repairing a Persistent Right Aortic Arch (a heart defect) on a puppy, performing full mouth extractions to cure a debilitating condition in cats called stomatitis, as well as using cutting edge techniques to save limbs, repair damaged flesh, and removing cancerous tumors.
  • On January 1, 2021, KC Pet Project turned 10 years old. Over the past 10 years, we have saved the lives of 89,535 homeless pets who came through our organization – including nearly 65,000 pets that were adopted from KCPP.

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