Adoption Process Update from our Adoptions Team

Hello Fosters! Thank you all for the amazing love you give your furry foster babies! In an effort to help your little ones find the best forever homes, I would like to ask a few things from you, especially those with multiple interested potential adopters.

  1. Please don’t schedule multiple meet and greets or have multiple PAs make virtual adoption appointments for the same animal with the intention that the adoption team will choose the best adopter.
  2. If you do schedule multiple appointments, please make it clear to the second, third, etc appointments in line, that they might not get the chance to even meet the animal let alone adopt him/her. It can be heartbreaking and discouraging for someone who had no idea they weren’t going to get an animal that they and their family had prepared their home for, to then find out their appointment was cancelled and the animal has been adopted by someone else.
  3. When you do schedule Meet and Greet appointments, please make sure to answer all the questions with current and relevant information for that appointment. It can be difficult to ensure the process goes smoothly when you have multiple appointments but they all show up with the same animal’s name and same adopter’s name at different times or on different days.
  4. When you fall in love with your little ward and can’t bear to part, please let Sara Gillette or Lisa Kells know so that your little foster can be taken off the website and potential adopters can move on to available animals.

Thank you again for being the amazing people that you are! You have all already done so much for the animals in your care. I believe with your help, we can continue to improve and give our animals the best chances possible!