Canine At-Risk list is now Published LIve on our Website


Over the past year, we’ve been sharing dogs that are on our at-risk list, which we prioritize finding placement in order to move them out of the shelter. This is a list that is used internally by our team to make sure that we are doing all we can to ensure a positive outcome for each of the dogs on the list and so no animal falls through the cracks. Most of the dogs are added to the list once they are at the shelter for 30 days, if they have behavior or housing restrictions that may impact what kind of home they can go into, or when they are exhibiting poor quality of life in the shelter. All of the dogs on the list are free to adopt and are eligible to go into foster homes or foster-to-adopt homes. The only exception to this is when a dog has a deadline for adoption placement, they are not eligible for foster or foster-to-adopt but are eligible for adoption. This is so our foster team can utilize their time and resources to place the other hundreds of dogs in our care into foster homes.

As of today, we are happy to announce that this list is now live on our website for you to view all of the dogs on the list and get more information about them at The list is manually updated by our team and not updated in real-time, and dogs in foster homes are not added to the at-risk list. Also on this page, you’ll find some additional resources and information regarding the at-risk list and how you can help us find homes for these dogs.

Hubert in the photo was recently added to our at-risk list because he has been at our shelter around 30 days.