Charles and Bud’s Story

charles and bud

KC Pet Project is keeping pets together this holiday season. When our animal services officers were canvassing a neighborhood looking for the owner of a stray pet that was at our shelter, they met this gentleman named Charles and his dog, Bud. Bud had a tumor on his side that Charles wanted to get checked but didn’t know where to go. A few days later, Bud ended up at KC Pet Project as a stray, and our Animal Services Officers recognized him. They drove to Charles’ house to let him know where Bud was and that they would bring him back home in a few days.

Because we are a Human Animal Support Services pilot shelter and thanks to your support of our Keep ‘Em Together, KC program, our veterinary team was able to perform surgery to remove the tumor, and our Pet Support staff collected items to send Bud back home.

Our Animal Services Officers delivered Bud back to his house along with a new dog bed, flea/tick preventative, a dog house, a new collar, and lots of food and supplies. Charles was so happy, he even gave a donation to go toward his care. This is what it is all about – reimagining how animal services can be in our community and having our teams at KCPP come together to help pets and people.

Knowing how much Bud and Charles meant to each other, our staff was able to go above and beyond to help them. This holiday season, you can make a difference in the lives of people and pets in our community by giving a gift to to help keep families together.