Transfer / Placement / Rescues

Transfer and Rescue Placement Program

The Transfer and Rescue Placement Program connects Kansas City shelter pets to rescues and private organizations all across the country.

Our rescue partners find forever homes and when necessary, provide medical and behavioral intervention. Staff and volunteers work together to network dogs, cats, and specialty pets into these programs and coordinate their travel arrangements. Transports are so crucial to our lifesaving efforts. Did you know that in 2018 we transferred nearly 1,000 pets out of our shelter and into private rescue groups or other shelters all across the country?

Though many pets that come to the shelter are considered healthy and adoptable, the Transfer and Rescue Placement Program is keenly focused on going the extra mile for animals with behavioral or medical needs. These are animals that we know deserve a second chance. Transferring them to our rescue partners guarantees their safety and expedites their placement – many of these groups have pre-approved adopters waiting in their area.

Opening 1,000 kennels in 2015 allowed us to greatly increase our number of lives saved. The Transfer and Rescue Placement Program helps us cope with extremely high intake and eases the space burdens of our overcrowded, outdated facility that we inherited from the City in 2011. Donations from the public have enabled us to continue these efforts.