Thank you so much for fostering a pet from KC Pet Project.

We’re so excited to have you as part of our lifesaving team! Here are some helpful tools and tips that you can refer to while you’re fostering a pet for us.
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Schedule a Virtual Adoption (For Adopters)

Foster Announcements

Questions to Ask Potential Adopters of Kittens

If you have a kitten in your home right now, chances are you’ll start to get potential adopters coming your way. Here are some great questions you can...
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Adoption Process Update from our Adoptions Team

Hello Fosters! Thank you all for the amazing love you give your furry foster babies! In an effort to help your little ones find the best forever homes,...
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KC Pet Project Facebook Group

We’d love for you to join our Facebook page to meet other KC Pet Project fosters. You can share your pet’s photos on the page, ask questions, and communicate with other foster families.

Maddie's Fund Pet Assistant

This is a great resource for new fosters and includes marketing tips, how to get your pet adopted, medical and behavior resources, and much more.


5 Tips for Awesome Pet Photos

Photography Tips by Katie Grissum at KC Pet Project

Your photos you post on the Facebook Group could be featured on the main KC Pet Project social media pages!

5 tips for awesome pet photos
Making a

Veterinary Appointment

Although we do everything in our power to maintain health in our pet population and mitigate infectious disease risk in our care, there are a few illnesses that are common in shelter environments that may require treatment. If you have questions or concerns surrounding the wellness of your foster pet please do not hesitate to call or email the KC Pet Project Veterinary Clinic at 816-683-1353 or

Messages will be returned within 24 hours and in many situations we can provide at-home care recommendations to avoid unnecessary human contact. In some situations the sick animal will need medical treatments and will require a visit to the veterinary clinic. 

Please follow the instructions both given over the phone and when arriving to the shelter as we are respecting social distancing and working to eliminate human-to-human contact while providing appropriate healthcare for our foster population. Thank you for caring for the homeless animals in this desperate time of need, we are here to help you!

During this time, fosters can also schedule Curbside Veterinary Appointments should the vet clinic feel that an appointment is needed when you call. 

Your Foster Coordinators

Lisa Kells
Feline Foster Care Manager

Sara Gillette
Canine Foster Care Manager


For veterinary questions or concerns, contact the KC Pet Project Veterinary Clinic at 816-683-1353 or email

For adoptions related questions, please call 816-683-1383 or email

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