December President’s Impact Report

Teresa Johnson - CEO / Executive Director / Chief Lifesaving Officer

KC Pet Project closed out a record-setting year in 2022 – a year like no other we’ve seen in Kansas City.  More animals than ever before came to KC Pet Project in 2022 — 15,703 dogs, cats, and other pets to be exact – the highest number ever recorded in our 11-year history and a 50% increase since 2019. 

Here are just a few more of the notable statistics for December 2022:

  • More families than ever before came to KC Pet Project locations looking to adopt a new pet – with a record 10,725 pets being adopted in 2022.  Numbers of pets being adopted is at the highest level in our 11-year history – up 43% from 2019 totals.
  • 2,452 dogs/puppies and 2,606 cats/kittens were sent to foster homes in 2022.
  • We had 2,736 volunteers give services to KCPP in 2022 for a total of 48,383 hours – at a value of $1,152,979.18 to the organization.
  • Animal Services Officers were dispatched to 13,823 new calls for service in 2022 (comprised of 23,536 separate case activities) and closed 16,416 unique cases. 
  • In 2022, 1,830 lost/impounded pets were returned to their homes and an additional 642 lost pets were rescued by Animal Services Officers and returned home without having to bring them to the shelter.  Numbers of lost pets being returned to their homes is at the highest level ever recorded – a 52% increase since 2019. Our 2022 focus on low cost/free microchipping resulted in 87% of reclaimed pets leaving with a microchip (730 microchips were implanted at time of reclaim).
  • Doctors performed a record-setting 9,808 surgeries in our shelter’s veterinary clinic – 1,344 more surgeries than last year – and they performed 14,656 examinations on patients, including 204 puppies treated in our shelter’s Parvo Ward.  Our doctors are performing the largest numbers of spay/neuter and specialty surgeries in our organization’s history – up 17% in 2022.
  • We had 1,922 media stories and news mentions in 2022.  The estimated media reach for all media stories last year was an incredible 2,521,499,320 billion people!

I’m so proud of our team and this incredible, progressive work we are doing right here in Kansas City! 

Teresa Johnson

President/CEO of KC Pet Project