KC Pet Project Workplace Culture Statement

Workplace Culture Statement Agreement

Celebrate personal growth and organizational innovation to keep up with the demands and needs of the community we serve.


  • Pause; listen to understand, not to respond
  • Set clear expectations and speak directly with coworkers
  • Respond to emails/calls/in-person requests in a timely manner
  • Be deliberately kind; say something kind daily


  • Collaboration is key to success
  • Every department is essential
  • Share your knowledge and skills
  • Express gratitude for efforts of others

Value Others

  • Acknowledge the contributions of coworkers
  • Recognize that everyone has unique goals, challenges and responsibilities
  • Be respectful of shared areas, and maintain a clean and organized space
  • Remember that no success is accomplished alone

Create a culture of personal accountability and professionalism

  • Come together to motivate each other to focus on the goal
  • Guide mistakes into wins through focused training
  • Create a culture where you work hard to support the person next to you
  • Recognize professional differences and celebrate the diversity in experience

It is our mission to develop a culture of respect, guidance, and ingenuity. Adhering to these standards can help us better foster a community of solutions not excuses while having a heart for people and our furry friends.