Why Adopt?

We recommend KC Pet Project to anyone who will listen! -Mandi Rudd Arnold

We hadn’t been planning on adding to our family when we adopted George from KC Pet Project. We saw his smile and knew right away that we wanted to meet him. He has fit into our family and filled a space that we didn’t know was empty. Our 6-year old son and our 9-year old rescued Golden Retriever also love that George is a part of our family. It’s so fun to see all three of them playing together and having a blast! George is a happy boy – it’s as if he’s been in our family for years instead of just months!

It has always been important to us to rescue vs buy from a breeder, as that saves two lives: the one we adopt and the one who takes that place at the shelter. We chose KC Pet Project because of their policy on being a no-kill shelter. Between their foster care program and multiple adoption centers, they really do everything they can to place pets in loving homes. The care that they give each animal that comes through the door is very apparent and the work that they do with the limited funds they have is nothing short of a miracle. It was because of this that we chose to make an extra donation on top of his adoption fees. Everyone we worked with on our adoption of George was so kind, helpful and genuinely excited to see him with his new family.

Why Volunteer?

I recently started volunteering with KC Pet Project, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! -Angie Stadnick

I always thought I didn’t have time for it, but now that I am involved, I realize there is no minimum amount of time that helps. They have very few true employees and rely heavily on volunteers to succeed. I have spent all of my time volunteering so far at the Petco location in OP and very rarely is there another volunteer there at the same time that I am. I spend several hours there on Saturday because I enjoy what I am doing and find it very rewarding. I strongly urge you to consider becoming a volunteer, there is no pressure or required times that you can do this. Even a 20 min visit to take one dog for a walk would be a huge contribution, and would mean the world to that one dog that gets out of their kennel for an extra 20 minutes. Consider it your daily exercise, which we all need, you can even take them on a jog! Or take them home for a sleepover or foster care until adopted! If you’re not that active you can come in and socialize the cats for 20 minutes, or take a dog in the playroom for some attention. It could be great family time too. Just wanted to put the thought out there for anybody who was not aware of this need or opportunity .. anyone willing to share this post as well please do! -Angie Stadnick

Volunteering at KCPP has added another dimension to my life. Walking dogs and working with other like-minded people has been a blessing. -Barb Varhol

I have been a volunteer for almost 4 years now. Gratifying, satisfying, exercise, and not to mention, the best feeling and so indescribable, knowing you helped at least one animal, if not more. -Teresa Mangiaracina

Volunteering at KC Pet Project has brought me so much satisfaction and pleasure.  I especially enjoy greeting adopters and helping them choose a pet and providing the dogs with a little TLC.  Among my best “rewards” have been the adoptions of two of my awesome dogs, Cooper and Dexter, the best, most loving dogs ever.  Thank you KC Pet Project! -Carol Saulsbury