2019 Statistics

2019 Lifesaving Stats








Nonprofit Connect Philly Awards

  • Gold Award for Best Social Media Brand Management – KC Pet Project Instagram
  • Silver Award for Best Identity Campaign – KC Campus for Animal Care/KC Pet Project Logo Design

The Pitch Best of Kansas City

  • Best Place to Adopt a Pet
  • Best Local Charity

Year in Review

Not only did we move into our new KC Campus for Animal Care, but 2019 was another record-setting year of lifesaving for our organization! We took in 10,531 new animals in 2019. That’s 454 more dogs and cats than we took in last year – which equates to a 149% increase in the number of incoming cats and a 34% increase in the number of dogs we’re taking in now compared to when we began running the shelter. We achieved an amazing 95.2% save rate for all dogs and cats entering our shelter in 2019!

  • Our foster programs sent 1,174 dogs, 1,959 cats and 179 other pets from our shelter into foster homes last year. That’s 870 MORE animals that were sent to foster homes in 2019 (a 36% increase)!
  • We took in 4,377 cats in 2019 –which is 423 MORE cats than we cared for last year and the highest number of cats ever received in our organization’s history. But thanks to our community, we have also been able to find homes for the highest number of cats/kittens in our organization’s history – achieving a 95.9% save rate for all cats in 2019!
  • Throughout the year, we were also able to transfer in 682 cats/kittens from other local and regional municipal shelters to help save more cats from euthanasia.
  • We adopted out 3,784 cats/kittens in 2019 – a new record once again for cat adoptions in our organization – and included 88 cats with Feline Leukemia. That is a 572% increase in the number of cats/kittens being saved and adopted through KCPP since we took over shelter operations in 2012.
  • Whiskers Cat Café was our most successful alternate adoption site for cats (with 168 adoptions), with the Liberty, Grandview, Blue Springs, and Belton Petco stores being the four top stores for cat habitat adoptions. Thirty-seven (37) percent of all cat adoptions we did this year occurred in a Petco store!
  • We took in 5,787 new dogs in 2019 and found new homes for a record 3,612 dogs/puppies – the highest number of dog adoptions in our organization’s history! That’s 349 more dogs adopted in 2019 than the previous year.
  • Our volunteers facilitated 215 “Dog Day Outs” in 2019 – getting more at-risk dogs out of the stressful shelter for the day to decompress and have fun. Our canine foster program sent a record-setting 1,174 dogs (mostly large breeds) into foster homes – helping us achieve an impressive 94.6% save rate for all dogs in 2019.
  • Our volunteers gave more than 47,579 hours of service to our organization – that is the equivalent of nearly 24 full-time positions at an estimated value of $1.14 Million dollars that would have been needed to accomplish our lifesaving goals!
  • We treated a lot of canine and feline patients in our modest vet clinic trailer in 2019 and our dedicated veterinary team performed 20,651 exams and 5,937 surgeries this year! This was a 13% increase in the number of surgeries we performed in-house and included a 55% increase in the number of injured animals arriving requiring lifesaving medical care through our Roadrunner Medical Fund.

January 2020

KC Campus for Animal Care Opens

June 2018

Groundbreaking of Kansas City Campus for Animal Care

April 2017

Vote passed for funding for a new KCMO Animal Shelter

October 2016

Opened Veterinary Care Center at Main Shelter

September 2015

Launched Petco Cat Program for 6 Petco Cat Habitats in stores in the metro

November 2014

KCPP Zona Rona Celebrates its 3,000th Adoption

May 2014

KCPP awarded the first ever Paul Jolly Compassion Award by the Petco Foundation.

March 2014

KCPP Petco Adoption Center Opens

July 2013

Celebrate first 12 months at operating above a 90% Live Release Rate

November, 2012

KCPP Zona Rosa Adoption Center Opens

November, 2012

KCPP Opens


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