2016 Statistics

Numbers for 2016

  • Total Intake: 9,700 (6,136 dogs, 3,128 cats, 436 other)
  • 6,240 Total Adoptions (3,309 dogs, 2,630 cats, 301 other)
  • 1,486 Pets returned to owners (1,388 dogs, 67 cats, 31 other)
  • 1,034 Transferred to other agencies (915 dogs, 67 cats, 52 other)

Total Animals Cared for: 9,700







Major Successes

While they were many, one of the major successes was that we finished 2015 with a 93.4% live-release rate – the highest in the history of the Kansas City, MO animal shelter. Adoptions have increased 146% since KC Pet Project began operating the shelter in 2012. The number of pets surrendered by their owners was down 18% in 2015 due to efforts by our staff in providing counseling, food, medical, and training resources to help families keep their pets.

2016 in Review

Partnership with Petco

Our partnership with the Petco Foundation and 5 local Petco stores continued to be a key component in our lifesaving model. Through our Petco Adoption Center in Overland Park, Kansas and 5 other local Petco stores with cat habitats in the Kansas City area, we placed 1,379 cats and dogs from our shelter into new homes in 2016 – resulting in 22% of all adoptions from our shelter last year occurring through a partner Petco store!

S.N.A.P. (Safety Net Assistance Program)

We launched a new program called S.N.A.P (Safety Net Assistant Program) in 2016 which is a cross generational membership program benefiting senior pets at Kansas City Pet Project. SNAP’S mission is to link generations to promote senior pet adoption through medical assistance for senior shelter pets; to support continuing companionship between seniors and their pets; and to identify and raise community awareness of the availability of senior-appropriate animals. Parts of the program include:

  • Youth Leadership Board composed of high school students from 5-10 area schools. They will meet as a group to plan activities and functions that will raise awareness in the community about senior pets at KCPP and raise funds for the SNAP Medical Fund.
  • S.N.A.P Take Out and Delivery Program which delivers pet food to meal assistance distribution sites and other places where seniors gather.
  • S.N.A.P Medical Fund established to raise funds to help with the care of the senior pets at our shelter
  • And much more! 

Zona Rosa Adoption Center

Our Zona Rosa Pet Adoption Center continued to be a highly successful location for pet adoptions, with 1,660 pets adopted from our offsite adoption center last year. Since opening our Zona Rosa Pet Adoption Center in November 2012, 6,976 dogs and cats have found new homes from this location alone.

Foster Program

From neonatal kittens, puppies with ringworm, or pets with injuries and medical conditions – to small companion pets like rabbits and rats, and adult dogs and cats needing an environment other than the shelter – hundreds of foster families opened their hearts and homes to thousands of pets from our shelter this past year. Not only did they provide care, socialization and love, but our foster families found new homes for 837 of those pets through KC Pet Project’s Foster Ambassador Program in 2016.

Roadrunner Medical Fund

Our Roadrunner Medical Fund helped more than 1,500 injured and ill pets that arrived in 2016 receive lifesaving veterinary care, medications and surgeries. An average of 4 – 5 pets arrived at our shelter every day last year that were suffering from injuries, cruelty and neglect, starvation, untreated illnesses, mange, parvo, heatstroke, and other life-threatening conditions. Generous support from our community helped us ensure we had the resources we needed to provide veterinary care for those pets in need.

January 2022

KC Pet Project Celebrates its 10-year Anniversary

December 2020

KC Pet Project Assumes Contract for Animal Control Services in Kansas City, MO

January 2020

KC Campus for Animal Care Opens

June 2018

Groundbreaking of Kansas City Campus for Animal Care

April 2017

Vote passed for funding for a new KCMO Animal Shelter

October 2016

Opened Veterinary Care Center at Main Shelter

September 2015

Launched Petco Cat Program for 6 Petco Cat Habitats in stores in the metro

November 2014

KCPP Zona Rona Celebrates its 3,000th Adoption

May 2014

KCPP awarded the first ever Paul Jolly Compassion Award by the Petco Foundation.

March 2014

KCPP Petco Adoption Center Opens

July 2013

Celebrate first 12 months at operating above a 90% Live Release Rate

November, 2012

KCPP Zona Rosa Adoption Center Opens

November, 2012

KCPP Opens


’23: 10,38489%
’22: 10,72590%
’21: 10,04286%
’20: 7,74863%
’19: 7,61962%
’18: 6,82453%
’17: 6,61952%
’16: 6,24050%
’15: 5,86346%
’14: 5,98647%
’13: 4,51641%
’12: 3,01325%