Main Shelter: 4400 Raytown Rd. Kansas City, MO

Zona Rosa: 8721 N. Stoddard Ave. Kansas City, MO

Petco: 11620 W. 95th St. Overland Park, KS

Lost & Found Pets

Lost Pet Services

If you have lost a pet, please visit the shelter located at 4400 Raytown Road at your earliest available opportunity and check our Found Pets list. Our shelter receives animals every day and one of them could be your pet. We are required to hold stray animals, animals that do not have an identified owner, for five days. After this five day holding period, any stray animal can be put up for adoption, transferred to another shelter, sent to rescue, put into a foster home, and in rare cases, euthanized (only if serious medical issues exist or there are issues of aggression). As the owner you are the best person to identify your own pet, therefore we cannot tell you with certainty whether your pet is here or not.

Found Pets List

Lost Pet Reports

If you visit our shelter and do not locate your pet, please complete a lost pet report while you are here so we can post it in our kennels and keep an eye out for your pet. Please also provide a picture of your pet if possible. You will need to visit the shelter several times weekly on staggered days to ensure your pet isn’t inadvertently sent to rescue, foster, etc.

Lost Pet Form

Other things that may help you locate your lost pet:

  • Notify area veterinarians and your veterinarian of losing your pet;
  • Check on social media pages and the Nextdoor app.
  • Check Craig’s list for “found” pets and post a “lost pet” ad;
  • Look on Finding Rover and upload your pet.
  • Check
  • Visit other area animal shelters and post lost pet notices;
  • Check local newspapers for “found” pet advertisements;
  • Don’t give up hope. Pets have been found months after getting lost!
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood;
    Make a flyer here!

    For more tips on reuniting lost/found pets or to make a flyer, please click here!

In the future:

If you are fortunate in finding your pet, we ask that you consider having him/her microchipped as a means of permanent identification. This is a service we offer at the shelter during normal business hours for $25. You do not need to make an appointment to have your pet microchipped. Also, please make sure your pet is always wearing a collar and ID tags. ID tags can include rabies or license tags, microchip tags, personal ID tags etc. It is important to realize that only 5% of lost pets that are not wearing identification ever get reunited with their owners. Please ID your pet! It is your pet’s ticket home!

For more ideas, check out our Lost Pet Resources page.