Pet Safety for New Year’s Eve and Upcoming Winter Weather

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With New Year’s Eve and a winter storm on the way tonight, KC Pet Project’s Animal Services team has tips for your pet’s safety over the next few days:

  • Have a collar and identification tag on your pet at all times, and if they are microchipped, make sure your information is up-to-date.
  • With winter weather expected, make sure your pet has a safe place to be away from the elements (good shelter from the storm, door of a dog house opening away from the wind, straw or bedding in the house).
  • If you can, bring your pet inside. If inside is unfamiliar to your pet, have a crate or kennel in the home or secure them in a room.
  • If your pet becomes lost, please come to the shelter to see if your pet is there. For information on Lost and Found pet resources, visit our website at
  • New Year’s Eve can bring a lot of activity with it, like people coming over, fireworks, loud noises, and more. If your pet is scared, put them in a quiet room and play white noise, like a TV or radio to help keep them calm.
  • Give them something to keep busy with like a puzzle game, bone, toys, etc.

KC Pet Project’s Animal Services team will be working around the clock to help animals in need.  Adequate shelter means a structurally sound, properly ventilated, sanitary and weatherproof shelter suitable for the species, condition, and age of the animal which provides access to shade from direct sunlight and regress from exposure to inclement weather conditions. If you see an animal in distress, contact our Animal Services team. Any call in which an animal or human life is in immediate danger of imminent harm or death is classified as emergent. For more information on Animal Services, including contact information, visit

Our Animal Services team has been delivering resources throughout the week to prepare families in need for the change in weather. This includes following up on dozens of cases and providing dog houses and dog food. Thanks to a local boy scout troop, we have a surplus of 9 doghouses that are ready to be delivered to the community in preparation for the winter weather.