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Working Cat Program

Save a life—adopt a working cat today!

KC Pet Project occasionally runs across cats that may be feral or semi-feral that would not be suitable as indoor pets. We do not adopt out indoor cats as barn or working cats. Unsocialized cats prefer the independent life with limited interaction with people. Each cat will have varying degrees of tolerance for humans. Some may prefer to hang out near you and others may prefer to peek out from hiding when you are near. Their preference for interaction may change over time and with consistent positive encounters, some may cats may form bonds with their caregivers.

Most outdoor cats will form close bonds with other animals and other cats living with them. We prefer to not adopt barn cats as the only outdoor pet for this reason. We believe these cats deserve shelter, food and water provided daily, veterinarian care and the opportunity for mental enrichment that an outdoor home provides.

Adopting a working cat is giving an unsocial cat a second chance. If you have a working barn, enclosed barn, safe/protected outbuilding, warehouse, factory, or other environment you feel will provide a safe and comfortable home please fill out our application, there are cats who need you.

Minimal care for your cats include: daily food and water, safe refuge from the elements and a means of escaping predators/a predator free area, frequent monitoring and willingness to vaccinate/provide veterinarian care as needed. A happy and healthy cat is much more likely to stick around. The cats should feel safe and receive adequate care or they will leave and find someone else!

Adoption fees are donation based! All money donated goes towards spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, medical care and microchip for each working cat.

Barn Cat Adoption Application