May President’s Impact Report

Teresa Johnson - CEO / Executive Director / Chief Lifesaving Officer

So far this year, we’ve taken in more animals, processed more pet adoptions, reunited more lost pets with their families, performed more surgeries and medical procedures, and provided more resources to our community than ever before in Kansas City’s history.  In May, 1,350 dogs and cats arrived at our shelter, and we received 1,406 calls for service from Animal Services Division officers – the highest number of calls we have ever received from residents in one month. 

Our organization is currently on track to take in nearly 15,000 animals in 2022 – that’s an increase of 5,000 more animals a year than when we first opened our KC Campus for Animal Care.  

Here are just a few the details from this month’s report:

  • Staffing shortages and rising costs for supplies, pet foods, fuel, and medications continue to challenge our organization.
  • Despite the high numbers of animals coming in, our dedicated team was able to achieve an unprecedented 96.8% Save Rate for all dogs and cats in 2022.
  • We shared several stories in May that were picked up by news outlets across the country – with 170 media stories, including a story in the Huffington Post, reaching 455,875,175 million people!
  • With every available kennel in the building filled, our small but mighty Canine Care team cared for nearly 250 dogs on site every day at our Campus in May.
  • Our Community Education Department was busy with visits from 78 students from local schools, Scout troops, birthday parties, and local organizations choosing to meet at and tour KCPP.  Our staff visited an Assisted Living & Memory Care Center with kittens, and we launched a new educational program with students reading to cats.
  • Our veterinary team performed 636 spay/neuter and specialty surgeries in May and provided emergency medical care to 79seriously injured animals that arrived (stab wounds, emaciated, fractured limbs, hit by vehicles, embedded collars, chemical burns, overheated, seizures, etc.). Dr. Spangler performed a Bilateral Pinnectomy on a cat named Cauliflower, which was the surgical removal of both triangle shaped parts of the ear—the “ear flaps,” or pinnae due to cancerous or diseased tissue.  Be sure to read the other incredible lifesaving stories our vet clinic team shared this month in the report.
  • The top 2 reasons for surrendering a pet currently in 2022 are health of the animal or health of the owner/family, and lack of resources or the inability to afford pet-related care.
  • In the past 11 months, we have subsidized a total of $87,912.00 in Lost Pet Reclaim Fees for 866 families with 937 pets.
  • Our Foster Program Coordinators worked tirelessly to send 168 dogs/puppies and 389 cats/kittens to foster homes in May – including 133 “bottle baby” kittens under 4 weeks old.

Amazing work from all departments last month!  I appreciate and see how hard you and your teams work to help so many pets and people.  Thank you for everything you do and for once again proving we are one of the best lifesaving organizations in the country!

Teresa Johnson

President/CEO of KC Pet Project