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KCPP Celebrates 5 Year No-Kill Anniversary

July 20, 2017, Kansas City, MO – Today, the Kansas City, MO, City Council declared that Kansas City, MO will now and forever be a No-Kill community thanks to the lifesaving work of KC Pet Project. The shelter celebrated 5 years of maintaining a No-Kill status, an accomplishment that many thought would be impossible. The City Council has declared that July 21st will now be known as KC Pet Project Day.

The Council read the proclamation in today’s session which reads:


WHEREAS, Kansas City is considered a national leader in animal sheltering through its partnership with Kansas City Pet Project, the current operators of the Kansas City Animal shelter; and


WHEREAS, Kansas City Pet Project, is celebrating Five years as a No Kill animal shelter; and


WHEREAS on July 1, 2012, the KC Pet Project reached and surpassed the 90% live animal outcome rate and has maintained this level of lifesaving for five years, reaching an unprecedented save rate of 95.6% in 2017, and


WHEREAS, a No-Kill community is generally considered as saving 90 percent or more of net intake of animals coming through the sheltering system; and

WHEREAS the residents of Kansas City voted overwhelmingly in support of funding a modern Animal Shelter; and


WHEREAS the residents and government of Kansas City along with KC Pet Project want to solidify our commitment to the dogs and cats and other animals in the care and possession of the Kansas City Animal Shelter; and


WHEREAS the residents and government of Kansas City want to solidify our commitment to creating a safe, humane community for our residents and their pets; and


WHEREAS, the positive changes that KC Pet Project has made for the lives of our city’s homeless pets and for our community as a whole should be sustained and improved; NOW THEREFORE,


BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Kansas City Missouri City Council:

  1. That the operators of the Kansas City Animal Shelter shall forever continue to save the lives of all healthy and treatable dogs, cats and other animals at the Kansas City Animal Shelter by maintaining a net, 90% or more Live Release Rate; and


  1. That the Kansas City, City Council and Mayor Sly James, declares July 21, 2017 Kansas City Pet Project Day to honor the tireless work of the KCPP Staff, Volunteers, Supporters and Board that has enabled Kansas City, Missouri to establish itself as a true No Kill Community.


“This proclamation acknowledges the hard work and dedication of our staff, board, volunteers and supporters over the past five years in creating a humane and compassionate community for animals in need,” said Teresa Johnson, CEO/Executive Director and Chief Lifesaving Officer of KC Pet Project. “We are so proud to have been recognized locally and nationally for the amazing lifesaving work we are doing that has created a true No Kill Community.”


In 5 years, KC Pet Project has cared for over 45,000 pets and has maintained a live-release rate of over 90% since taking over the Kansas City, MO animal shelter in 2012. Their live-release rate so far for 2017 is 95% – an incredible achievement for an open-admission, municipal shelter that cares for over 10,000 pets a year.


While they are beyond proud of their accomplishments and their 5-year No-Kill status, their work is far from over.  Even if you can’t come out to adopt this weekend, the shelter is asking for your support to continue their lifesaving work.  Your gift will allow KC Pet Project to continue providing lifesaving resources to our community’s most vulnerable pets.  They are working to raise $50,000 by the end up summer to keep up with the capacity of animals coming into their care at


The KC Pet Project main shelter location, the Pet Adoption Center in Zona Rosa, and the Petco Pet Adoption Center are open seven days a week.  KC Pet Project also has 6 Petco stores in the metro area to adopt cats. To view all of the available pets at the KC Pet Project, please go to the website at