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KC Pet Project Achieves “No Kill” Status

Kansas City Pet Project Achieves “No Kill” Status


Kansas City, MO – On July 1, 2013, Kansas City Pet Project celebrated a major milestone by becoming one of the largest, open admission shelters in the nation to achieve “No Kill” status.

In January, 2012, Kansas City Pet Project took over the shelter contract for the Kansas City, MO animal shelter – the largest and only open admission shelter in the City – with the mission of ending the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Kansas City, MO. Within 18 months, they have done just that.

Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, Kansas City Pet Project had a 90% or greater live release rate for all dogs and cats entering their shelter for 12 consecutive months. Not only is this something that had never been done in the history of Kansas City, but by most accounts, makes Kansas City Pet Project the 4th largest open-admission shelter in the nation to achieve this feat. And they did it in just 18 months in spite of an outdated, aging facility built in 1972 that is about 1/3 the recommended size to handle the nearly 8,000 animals cared for annually.

During the twelve-month period, KC Pet Project adopted out 3,730 dogs and cats, reunited 1,035 with their owners and transferred 1,280 to other shelters and rescue groups – for more than 6,057 positive outcomes in their community and accounting for a live release rate of 91.3% for the period. A 90% live release rate is the commonly accepted guideline for an open-admission no kill shelter as it allows for a small percentage of animals that must be euthanized due to sickness, injury, or aggression.
Prior to KC Pet Project taking over the shelter, the shelter had a live release rate between 31% and 61% over the previous 5 years.

“It was our goal when we took over the shelter to change the culture and expectations of the shelter; and I feel like we’ve done that,” said KC Pet Project Board President Brent Toellner. “Sustainability is the next challenge we face. We continue to handle the large number of animals that come into the shelter each day with major limitations due to our outdated facility. But if we continue to build on the support from the city and the community, I believe we are well-positioned for long-term success.”

About KC Pet Project: KC Pet Project is a nonprofit, 501c3 charitable organization operating the Kansas City, Missouri Animal Shelter. As the largest animal shelter in Kansas City, we care for nearly 8,000 animals a year and work collaboratively with Animal Control and other animal welfare organizations to increase the number of homeless pets adopted. We maintain associated procedures which promote: the health and welfare of pets in our care, prevention of unplanned litters, pet retention and reunification of lost pets to their owners; to increase public safety by addressing issues related to irresponsible pet owners and dangerous animals. We are keenly focused on optimal lifesaving and creating a No Kill Community in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.