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Zona Rosa: 8721 N. Stoddard Ave. Kansas City, MO

Petco: 11620 W. 95th St. Overland Park, KS

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Help our Reptile Friends

It’s a reptile invasion at KC Pet Project and we need your help! In just the past several days we have received more than a dozen reptiles at KC Pet Project including 8 new arrivals today after their owner passed away. We are currently caring for three Bearded Dragons, two Green Iguanas, two Uromastyx Lizards, two Geckos, several turtles, a Ball Python snake, and a large Monitor Lizard — and as you can imagine – we don’t have nearly enough of the appropriate food supplies, reptile tanks (40 gallon) and warming lights to house and care for all of these creatures! Most of the lizards came in very cold and we are providing warming pads to help bring their body temperature up but we don’t have enough tanks on hand to house them all. We’re asking for the public’s help with monetary donations or Petco gift cards to help us purchase enough supplies to care for them. Donations can be made at by clicking here, or specific supplies may be purchased on our Amazon Wish List. If you have warming lamps or large reptile tanks (40 gallon) that you can donate, they may be dropped off at our main shelter location at 4400 Raytown Road. All of the animals will be going into experienced foster homes so they can continue to receive proper medical care and help them regain their strength before being placed up for adoption. Thank you for your support!