Kitten Vaccination Scheduling


If your kitten was 4+ weeks of age and healthy when you picked them up from the shelter they likely received their first FVRCP vaccination upon intake.

🍼If your kitten was a bottle baby, tiny gruel baby, or was a kitten under 4 weeks old with its mother upon arrival, your kitten will need it’s first vaccine at 4 weeks (unless frail/sick, kittens this age should be in the 1lb range)

📅Your kitten should receive it’s next vaccine at 7 weeks of age (NOTE: this is a change from past policy) This ensures kittens receive a booster roughly one week before coming back for surgery.

🎟At the 7 week appointment we will get the opportunity to discuss the kittens’ plans for adoption (if any have adopters lined up or will need an adoptions kennel after their surgery) and will schedule a surgery date. You will receive a print-out voucher that you will bring with you to present upon arrival the morning of surgery.

🐛PLEASE NOTE – ALL kitten fosters should have Pyrantel dewormer on hand and should be administering this to their kitten once every 14 days while they are in foster. Please post the date given to the daily general concerns post so that it may be entered in the medical summary. If you do *not* have pyrantel on hand, please also post in the general daily concerns post and some will be made available for you to pick up at your convenience at the foster supply cabinets.