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ChipIn to the KCPP Medical Fund!

Lately, at the shelter we’ve seen a rise in the intake of animals with medical issues that take a lot of time and care to treat. We provide medical treatment to all of the animals that come through the shelter, including basic vaccinations and exams. This ChipIn fundraiser will help treat those animals that require further medical attention, like Kallos pictured here.

Kallos came to KC Pet Project in early March with severe burns on her back. A very sweet dog, she became a staff favorite and we all referred to her affectionately as “burn puppy”. Our medical staff cleaned and treated her wounds and other ailments as best they could and she was sent to a foster home, with medications, for a healing period before she could be adopted. After a few weeks she came with her foster family to the Mega-Match adoption event and was adopted by a wonderful family who has been helping her heal.

We see animals all the time like Kallos, who have severe medical issues; whether it be injuries from being hit by a car or gunshot wound, burns, mange, etc., and we treat them all once they are ours to help.

Please help us today by donating to the KC Pet Project Medical Fund and help us save the lives of these animals!