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Bannister’s Story

Bannister the Yorkie’s life was saved Monday after he was found running in frigid temperatures along Bannister Road and Marion Drive and brought to our shelter by a caring Kansas City, MO Police Officer. He was severely matted around his face and neck and looked as though he had been alone for quite some time. But his matted fur was hiding a terrible secret. Our veterinary team sedated him to clear the matted fur from his face and what they found was truly disturbing. Bannister’s mouth had previously been bound tightly with a restraint, like a rubber band, and that restraint had been left around his mouth for a very long time. Over time, the rubber band had either fallen off on its own or had disintegrated into the skin. He has fresh scabs around his entire muzzle and his face is still swollen and painful from being bound. These deep lacerations into his lips are infected from neglect and he’s suffering from severe malnourishment from his inability to eat.

He is currently eating soft wet food to ease his pain and help him gain some weight. Through it all, Bannister has been a sweet, loving little dog to work with, despite the cruel acts that were done to him. We will be moving him into a foster home so he can heal from his injuries. We’re asking for the public’s support to help us provide Bannister with the medical resources he needs to heal from these terrible injuries. Your gift to help Bannister today can be made by clicking here. We thank you for your support of our sweet boy!

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