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Caturday in the Crossroads


Caturday Catstronauts

Cosmic Caturday 2021 Q&A

What bars are part of the Caturday bar crawl?

9 bars total: City Barrel, KC Wineworks, Torn Label Brewing Company, iTap with Boulevard Brewing Company, Casual Animal Brewing Company, Mean Mule Distillery, Lifted Spirits Distillery, Double Shift Brewing Company

Where are the bathrooms?

All bars

How / Where can I buy a raffle ticket?

At KC Wineworks, Casual Animal, Lifted Spirits, City Barrel, Double Shift

What are the raffle tickets for?

  • Space Camper Package, 2 ROKC Passes- Get ready to go Cosmic with 2 packs of Space Camper, lots of branded goodies and 2 two day passes for 2 to KC’s favorite ROKC!
  • Adirondack Chair and Cooler- Show your Chiefs pride this season with this pair of Adirondack chairs and a lovely black cooler! Perfect for tailgating!
  • Cornhole and Comfy chair with umbrella- Get Comfy with your cornhole with a Royals Cornhole deck in the shape of your favorite thing, BEER!
  • Big Bottle of Wine and Kitten Naming, Sequence 1 month pass- Climb like the kittens you are going to name with a 1 month membership to Sequence Climbing Gym, afterwards break open this bottle of wine and pour it into your Cheshire disappearing cat mug!
  • Large Kennel Sponsorship and Small Bag of Goodies, $25 PT Gift Card, Cat Toy- Sponsor a cat or dog kennel for 1 year here at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care and enjoy some awesome goodies for you and your cats!
  • Love Tag and Small Bag of Goodies, $25 PT Gift Card, Cat Toy- Customize a love tag with your name, your cat’s name or whatever you want. This love tag will be at the KCCAC permanently. Enjoy some PT’s coffee and some kitty treats and toys!
  • 4 Sporting KC and Parking and Bold Gin
  • Boulevard at Home Package, 2 3 in 1 tumblers, 2 ROKC Passes- Enjoy some delicious boulevard at home in your KCPP branded 3-in-1 tumbler after you spend some time at everyone’s favorite ROKC!
  • Tail Waggin swag for your pet and $50 Charlie Hustle Gift Card
  • Chicken and Pickle with Gin

How much are the raffle tickets?

  • 1 for $5
  • 3 for $10
  • 7 for $20

Where do I register for day-of tickets?

City Barrel

I didn’t sign up online, can I buy tickets here at the door?

Yes, please do at City Barrel

Which bars have food?

City Barrel (full menu), KC Wineworks (Snacks and “The C Word” popup), Torn Label Brewing Co (full menu), Double Shift Brewing Co (snacks – Pretzels and hummus and pita bread), Mean Mule (snacks). At Casual Animal, you can order food in, and iTap is next door to Mission Taco.

Which bars do you need to be 21 and over?

All except City Barrel, Casual Animal (under 21 years old allowed until 8pm), Double Shift (under 21 years old allowed until 9pm), and iTap (under 21 years old allowed until 10pm).

Will there be Caturday shirts available?

We will have retro Caturday shirts for purchase from 2019-2020. All of our 2021 shirts are available for purchase through our online store to be shipped to you after the event.

Raffle Items

Caturday Raffle Space Camper
Caturday Raffle
Caturday Raffle Cornhole
Caturday Raffle Litter of Kittens
Caturday Raffle Large Kennel
Caturday Raffle
Caturday Raffle 4 Sporting KC
Boulevard beer at home raffle - climbing gym
Caturday Raffle Charlie Hustle
Caturday Raffle Chicken N Pickle

What's Happening at Each Location?

City Barrel

Check-in and raffle ticket purchases

Torn Label

KC Pet Project Dip Jar

KC Wineworks

Raffle ticket purchases

iTap with Boulevard Brewing Company - Space Campuurrrr Photo Opportunity

Space Campuurrrr Photo Opportunity

Casual Animal

Raffle ticket purchases

Mean Mule Distillery

KC Pet Project Dip Jar

Double Shift Brewing Company

KC Pet Project Retail and raffle ticket purchases

Lifted Spirits

Raffle ticket purchases

Be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages leading up to the event for more Caturday fun.